Very excited to participate in a reading of “Shatter the Sky” by Sean Lewis – Jan 21, 6PM at Wild Project. He is a commenter on THIS AMERICAN LIFE, an internationally known playwright and off-broadway/regional comedy actor. Buy Tickets here, they’re only $5.

Poetic License

Slam poet Gods and Punk Rock furies. Take three plays from the Oresteia and throw them into a modern blender: Orestes is on the run after his incestuous affair with Electra is discovered, their Uncle Menelaeus is seen as weak after the Trojans stole his Helen. He’s not going to make the upstart make him look bad… and on the country side A CHEAP GREEK CHORUS is turning peasants into Gods and friends into enemies… A verse play about violence, its cycles and what it means to challenge fate.

Learn more about Poetic Theater Productions 2nd Annual Festival next week!

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